Axiad ID Cloud

Axiad ID Cloud

Axiad ID Cloud

Delivering Trusted Identities through the Cloud

For overburdened IT teams faced with limited budgets and a shortage of security experts, Axiad ID Cloud offers a secure, integrated, and simplified solution to leverage your digital assets and protect your entire ecosystem including employees and contractors, data, devices and infrastructure. The result is better protection, simpler deployment, less complexity and lower upfront investment. 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" credential. A diverse population with a variety of use cases requires a mix of enterprise credentials enabling a range of assurance and authentication levels.

Whatever you access:

  • PKI logon to workstation and domain

  • Remote access to company infrastructure

  • Web SSL client authentication for x 509 enabled applications

  • Secure e-mail on desktop and mobile devices

Help desk and self service portal mobile device enablement

 However you access – a range of identity credentials

  • YubiKey and PKI tokens

  • Virtual smart cards leveraging a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

  • Derived credentials on mobile devices

  • OATH-compliant tokens

Certificate and smart card life cycle management

Axiad Id Cloud Brochure

Axiad ID Cloud is a modular and flexible trusted identity solution delivered as a cloud service. By providing organizations with versatile Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Axiad ID Cloud enables quick compliance with even the most rigorous mandates and offers the highest levels of security protection against unauthorized access or IT breaches. Axiad ID Cloud is automated, which eliminates manual setup - increasing scalability and reducing the risk of human error. Axiad ID Cloud is a fully hosted cloud-based platform that provides organizations with fast and simple deployment, less complexity and lower upfront investment.



Comprehensive and fully automated, the cloud platform eliminates manual setup and processes prone to human error. Axiad ID Cloud improves the user experience by taking Trusted Identity credentials beyond authentication devices to include cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices. It helps leverage the power of the digital world to operate confidently within it. The Axiad ID Cloud platform enables a portfolio of products that help organizations quickly and cost-effectively implement and manage a mix of user and device credentials, as well as covers a range of assurance and authentication levels meeting each organization’s unique and budgetary requirements.



Founded by a team of experts with extensive experience and strong industry knowledge, Axiad IDS has garnered recognition as an important player in the Identity assurance domain by leveraging its experience to address numerous challenges within the compliance space. In this article, learn how Axiad is helping organizations across industries quickly, simply and affordably address potential breaches head-on before they happen.



Organizations require strong identities they can trust to conduct business, while customers, employees, and citizens need a less frustrating method to authenticate their identity. Our mission is to enable our customers to issue, manage, and use Trusted Identities for people, systems, and devices to prevent unauthorized access and IT breaches, enabling trust for today’s digital world. Trusted identities require a holistic approach; from initial issuance of the credential to securely managing that credential over time.

Trusted Identities Through the Cloud

Trusted Identities through the Cloud

  • Trusted user PKI Identity service, providing PKI/smart card and mobile device based on high assurance digital identities.

  • Administration Capabilities such as Certificate and smart card lifecycle management (Issuance, Revocation, Suspend/Resume, Key Escrow/Recovery)

  • Help desk and Self Service Portal

  • Mobile device enablement

  • Auditing and Reporting capabilities

  • Options such as HSM, Smart Card printing

  • Virtual Private Cloud – A Secure Extension of Your Corporate Network